For over 25 years Norman Geeson has been rebuilding axles for all of the early post-war models of Rolls-Royce & Bentley motor car

Upon his retirement in 2017 Norman chose Flying Spares as the company he would like to see continuing his work and maintaining his exceedingly high standards

Trusted by the trade and enthusiasts worldwide to provide expert advice and the highest quality reconditioned differentials and half shafts


We specialise in the worldwide supply of exchange rear axle differentials and half shafts for Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars produced between 1945 and 1965. As enthusiasts we realise the value of specialising in one main component, which also leaves us clear to develop our own special tooling for testing and rebuilding these axle differentials.

We use a number of Crewe Genuine parts and all replacement parts will either meet or exceed the original specification. All main hypoid gears are manufactured to Gleason standards on their machines.
We can advise on the calibration adaptor parts and the specific gear tooth sizes needed to recalibrate a speedometer when the axle ratios are changed.

In nearly every instance we replace the axle pinion housing with a much heavier duty application. This arrangement is unique in our units and assists in eliminating some of the original axle problems and noise that have existed over the years.
All exchange differentials are converted to accept a modern oil seal at the front that cannot be seen externally. One of our last tests before dispatch is to fill the axle with oil and stand it on its drive flange for 24 hours…no oil must leak.
Normally we have a number of exchange axle differentials in stock, with different ratios on certain models, to suit our customers’ needs. In the case of exchange axle differentials we prefer delivery of the old unit before dispatching the rebuilt unit.

Every exchange differential is supplied with a two page rebuild sheet that records every detail of that axle rebuild including the thickness of every spacer. All our exchange differentials are fitted with taper bearing pinion assemblies and on NO account whatever will we refit a Bentley MkVI triple bearing arrangement, but in every case the pinion bearings and the pinion housing are converted to tapers. We do not carry out any machining or manufacturing ourselves, we use experts for those exercises who have the specialised knowledge and skills, together with the right machines. These specialists have worked with us for a number of years so that together we can offer extremely generous guarantees on our rebuilt axles……..just ask. In the case of Special chassis that have non-original engines or extended rear axle tracks, we do normally limit that guarantee to one year. Any guarantee is offered on the basis that the rear wheel bearings have been renewed simultaneously with the differential change. We invite customers to inspect any of our parts or axle assemblies. We do expect to be able to recycle the main parts of the old unit and reserve our right to charge for unusable cases and smashed pinion and bevel gears. This excludes the main hypoid gears, which are usually broken.

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